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Sally Mann, Photographer

Sally Mann, Photographer Can you talk a little about how “Deep South” came to be?

It turned out to be an accretion of different projects. Like all my projects, I didn’t think about what the end product would be – I just started taking pictures. It started with pictures of the farm – I’ve been taking pictures on this farm since 1972, but gradually I began to cast my net a little further out in the state, and then further South.

You’re also using new techniques?

The pictures of Georgia were taken with ortho [SP] film. One out of every 10 turns out at all; they’re so wildly overexposed – they develop really fast and much of the time the flaws you see in the book are the results of that rapid development. The Virginia pictures were made with regular film, black and white. The “Deep South” section is a mix of regular film and wet plate collodion photography.


Peggy Root, Painter

Peggy Root, Painter

Born in 1958, Peggy Root grew up in Florida and North Carolina. She studied at Ringling School of Art and Design (1977-1980), and studied figure painting and anatomy at Lyme Academy of Fine Art in Old Lyme, Connecticut (1984-1987). Peggy has spent th...

Julyan Davis, Painter

Julyan Davis, Painter

Julyan Davis is an English-born artist who now lives in the United States. He was born in 1965 and received his art training at the Byam Shaw School of Art in London. In 1988, having completed his B.A. in painting and printmaking, he travelled to the...

Ward Nichols, Painter

Ward Nichols, already into the conversation before we started recording: …the coalfields of southern West Virginia. My wife was a North Carolina girl and I moved down here after being here often with her family, liked it, stayed, she died, and a good...

Jayn Avery, Potter

Jayn Avery, Potter

My name is Jayn Avery. I’m a potter, and a resident of Floyd 26 years.

And how did you find Floyd?

That’s the magical question! Someday we’re going to all write a book about it. In this case, I was living in upstate New York in a small town with a woma...

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