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A Love Affair with Mimi

The initial goal was to return the little deer as soon as possible to the wild. But the deer, and the couple it adopted, did not seem to want that to occur. What ensued was a relationship that not only amazed and helped one North Carolina mountain couple, but had an impact on much of the community where they live.

Cheryl Moretz of Linville, N.C. was well aware of “the other woman.” She knew Mimi loved her husband, Dennis, in a rare, unconditional way. Not only did Cheryl approve of the “love affair,” she also welcomed Mimi into the family.

“Looking into Mimi’s eyes was like looking into the eyes of God,” says Cheryl.  “I think Mimi had a purpose and the ability to heal the human heart.”

Mimi, you see, wasn’t human – but a deer that came into the Moretzes’ lives when she was struggling to survive. When Dennis, who grew up on a farm near Boone, N.C., found out his brother, Ernest, had rescued a starving baby deer from his pastures, he jumped in to help. He had raised many different species of animals throughout his life and he knew he could help the young deer gain strength and return to the wild.

“My ultimate goal,” explains Dennis, “was to readapt her back to nature. “

The hearts of Dennis and Cheryl melted the first time they saw the baby deer. She still had her spots and weighed a mere six pounds. They transported her to their home in Linville Ridge where they bottle-fed her and nurtured her as if she were one of their own. She was even readily accepted into the fold by the couple’s two beagles: Beagie and Bagel.

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